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Blood, Sweat & Tears (includes shipping)

Lance Shabazz's life was the Nation of Islam. This book journey’s over fifty
 personal years traveling thousands of miles and many dozens of interviews
 culminating my Decision to walk away from it all. I realized my beliefs and
 principles gained as a follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is
 rejected, altered, modified and the last trick our messenger warned us all to
 stay away from what today’s so-called followers accept. Lip profession
 counts for naught unless carried into practice. I therefore share some of my
 history for the family and students of the Nation of Islam.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Born Elijah Poole, of Sandersville, Ga., the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would later become the most powerful black man of the twentieth century. Elijah Poole was the son of William Poole, a Baptist preacher. His parents, William and Marie, would later follow their son into Islam and the teachings of W.D. Fard Muhammad.

In late August of 1931, Muhammad met a man in Detroit, Mich. who came using many names, most commonly Mr. W.D. Fard. Fard taught Muhammad for more than three years and four months. Elijah changed his name to Elijah Karriem, and later Elijah Muhammad. He established many houses of worship called Temples, or Mosques of Islam. In 1942, Muhammad was arrested by the U.S. government for failure to register for the selective service. He pleaded that he was already too old to register; however,  served nearly five years in the federal penitentiary.  

While in prison, Muhammad relied on his wife Sister Clara Evans. She too, along with her father, followed the Messenger and accepted the teachings of W.D. Fard Muhammad. Evans often read letters to the Believers while he was incarcerated. Upon his release from Milan Michigan Federal Penitentiary, Muhammad excelled in establishing more temples, schools, and businesses in the black communities. Muhammad's teachings attracted many popular helpers in the cause of Islam; including Malcolm X and three of his brothers, Muhammad Ali and his only brother, Joe Tex and some of his bandmembers, and members of The Midnighters, The 5 Stairsteps, Kool and the Gang and The Persauders.

One of Muhammad’s biggest helpers was a former Calypso singer Louis (the Charmer) Farrakhan. Muhammad established more than 200 temples and 46 universities of Islam worldwide, imported millions of pounds of fish, airplanes and farms, and created the largest weekly newspaper in America, Muhammad Speaks.  

Muhammad passed on February 25, 1975. He was survived by  six sons and two daughters from his marriage with Sister Clara Muhammad.  The passing gave way for many splinter groups, Lance Shabazz continues to clarify the history of Messenger Elijah Muhammad.