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Blood, Sweat & Tears (includes shipping)

Lance Shabazz's life was the Nation of Islam. This book journey’s over fifty
 personal years traveling thousands of miles and many dozens of interviews
 culminating my Decision to walk away from it all. I realized my beliefs and
 principles gained as a follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is
 rejected, altered, modified and the last trick our messenger warned us all to
 stay away from what today’s so-called followers accept. Lip profession
 counts for naught unless carried into practice. I therefore share some of my
 history for the family and students of the Nation of Islam.

Remembering Muhammad Ali with Rashan and Lance Shabazz | BK Live

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, KY.  He was the eldest child to Cassius Sr. and MS Odessa O’Grady Clay.  The story of Muhammad Ali’s life is very public.  He at one time was the most recognized face on the planet.  He took up boxing at the age of 12.  After winning several local titles, Ali went on to win the gold medal in the 1960 Olympics in Rome.  He turned professional and became World Heavyweight Champion in 1964. 

Muhammad Ali received his name via National Radio Broadcast on March 6, 1964 from the mouth of Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West.  Ali had accepted the teachings as early as 1961 and kept it private until after securing the Heavyweight title.  After defeating George Foreman in 1974, he was questioned by broadcaster David Frost about the happiest moment in his life. Without hesitation, Ali replied the happiest day in his life was when he met Elijah Muhammad, the freedom fighter for all black people. Muhammad Ali personally told me this also many years later. 

Malcolm X's separation from the Nation of Islam was a hard blow; however, Muhammad Ali's defense of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad made him, in my opinion, the best representative  Allah gave to us.  Muhammad Ali on an international forum represented the objective of the Nation of Islam. He uses his wealth, talent and influence to help build the Nation of Islam.  Muhammad Ali's only brother, Rudolph “Rudy” Clay also joined with his brother and become Rahman Ali.  Muhammad and Rahman would give boxing exhibitions to help raise funds for the Nation of Islam.  There were many temples that Ali would aid in building or rebuilding, such as Muhammad’s Temple # 18 in Cleveland, OH. 

Muhammad Ali was first married to Sonji Roi Clay, which  lasted only 14 months. He later married 17-year old Sister Belinda Boyd.  Sister Belinda, now known as Sister Khalilah, was born Muslim and aided Muhammad in learning Muslim etiquette.  Sister Khalilah donated computers and helped establish the Yearbooks for the University of Islam, the schools established by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.   

After the passing of the messenger, Elijah Muhammad in 1975,  Muhammad Ali followed the direction of his son, Wallace D. Muhammad.